We are professional IT service provider with international standard, information security management ISO27001 and quality of service management ISO9001


Our Award

As we have first mission is “We commit to customer to deliver our services with high data security complies international standard ISO27001 certification”. We have already ISO27001 certificated on Mar, 2017.

And the second is “We commit to customer to deliver our high quality of service complies international ISO9001. We have plan to receive ISO9001 certificated in 2018

Our Services

Software as a Services(SaaS)

ICC Multi-channel Contact Center
Customers demand a broad range of ways to contact businesses including voice, email, web chat, IM, SMS and social channels, don’t fall short of their expectation


ICC Line Contact Center 
Most your customers prefer to reduce of telephone call expense for contacting your contact center. Line application is the efficient way meet their requirement


ICC Mobile Application for Enterprise Service
Mobile Application for Internal Communication, Increase organization communication, efficiency, Anyway anytime in touch, IOS and Android support


Managed Services

Data Center Infrastructure Management(DCIM)
Your dynamic data center has hundreds of data points reporting on availability, temperature, airflow, humidity and security. Sifting through the data is time consuming and it can be difficult to discover any trends emerging, let alone gain visibility into the current health of the data center.


IT Enterprises Infrastructure
We take over your day-to-day operations, enhancing your IT and business functions and enabling greater IT agility and scalability. Managing the people, processes, and toolsets of your IT operations is complex, time-consuming, costly, and distracting. Internal systems and capabilities take time to build and are expensive to maintain.

Our SaaS Infrastructure

We have own IT infrastructure that is designed to meet our commitment to our customer that our Software as a Service(SaaS) must have, High reliability, High availability, High security, and Trust in service standard.

High reliability with private cloud computing system is designed from VMware VMotion cloud computing system solution

High availability  with DR site guarantee,  Recovery Time Objective within 4 hours, Recovery Point Objective within 4 hours, and Data Synchronization Time every 1 hour

High security with identity management system (IDM) system and customer data encryption solution

Trust in service standard with international standard for security and quality of service certification with ISO27001 and ISO9001

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